Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daisy Walk on Fathers Day

Hi Every Puppy!

We haven't been able to post this earlier because Mummy is changing over computers and from Windows XP to Windows 7! She's had to do a lot of things to get the old stuff working on the new computer but now she loves it!
This is what the new computer looks like ... and I'm on it!

That picture was taken on Sunday - Fathers Day - when we took Daddy to the Lakes. This is what it looks like there now

Mummy loves the Daisies!

First we walked along the long belt - sometimes it runs and then we're not allowed off the lead but on Sunday it was switched off.

At the end of the willow plantation we come to the lake!

This is where Daddy, Finni and I play

Daddy throws sticks and rocks into the water and we try and find them. Finni loves to race about in the water but sometimes I don't like getting my feet wet ...

We saw an orchid - they are pretty rare around here and protected.

and a grebe too - he kept diving and Mummy had to wait a long time to catch him.

She had no problems 'catching' me tho'

Those bushes behind me are wild rose bushes with the sweetest smell ...

Finni and I make sure we're going in the right direction, cuz once I went in the wrong direction because Mummy had decided to walk a different walk and I lost her! But I found her again :)

and at the end of our Daisy walk I was too tired to stand or sit ...

so I lay down and rolled instead, hehe.
It was a lovely walk, and Daddy enjoyed it too.

Nelly x


Inky and Molly said...

Hehe, I do the roly poly thinggy after a walkie too. It just comes over me and I go real silly.
Your walk and play in the water looks like sooo much fun. What a beautiful spot! I don't really like getting my feets wet either whereas Inky just wants to live in the water really.
Hope you will get some good rest!
Love, Molly

Wyatt said...

You two are just so cute! What a great place to spend the day. I like to swim, but my Aire sister Stanzie doesn't like to get her feet wet either. Kinda prissy!


The Thuglets said...

Wow..looks like you had a lovely walk.

The water looks brilliant..we really fancy a paw rompie in there.

Thank u for or welcome back message.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love the picture of you posing with the daisies, Nelly!
I wonder if we have the same wild roses? Ours smell incredible too but boy oh boy do they have TONS of thorns on them!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

violett said...

Nelly, Du hast aber ein tolles Auslaufgebiet. Diese wunderschönen Margariten und so ein schöner flacher sauberer See. Das würde meiner Mama gefallen. Mein Badewasser hier ist schmutzig, aber ich liebe es. An den Seen darf ich leider nicht schwimmen. Es ist für Hunde verboten. Dabei sind wir doch viel sauberer als manche Menschen? Verstehe ich nicht.
Stubser von Mischka

Bocci said...

Glad you all had such a nice time on Father's Day, Nelly and Finni-beautiful pics!
Your buddy,

George the Lad said...

Like your new pootie, we have window 7 and like it.
That's a nice walk you went on, mom say's she love's the piccy of you rolling.

Bogart said...

Fantastic photos! I especially like the last one of the full-on Dale roll in the grass...


Sherry said...

What a beautiful place to me and we must say that such a setting is only appropriate for dogs as gorgeous as Airedales.
Alanis & Miro

Sunshade said...

LOVED that photo of you Nelly, you looked so happy and so gorgeous! I love rockies too and I run for them like Finni does. But I roll around on the grass like you do!

Sorry we were away for so long..... Mum says I have MOREEEE health issues, and she's going nutty!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade