Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Rocky Fishing

Hi Every Puppy!

Can you see my beard? ... and how wet it is?

Today we've been Rocky Fishing .... our favourite game!
Finni is really good at it. He gets the biggest rockies!

But I'm getting really good at it too! I usually get smaller rockies than Finni but today I got a big one!!!!

Mummy always gets really 'xcited when we pull them out, hehe.

Finni's is on the left and mine is on the right!

Nelly x

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Bingley Airedale Walk

Hi Every Puppy,

It was the Annual Airedale Walk at Bingley yesterday and Finni got to go with Mummy. I had to stay at home and look after Daddy.

On the way there in the car Finni got all excited the last 10 minutes and barked and squealed - he's only been there once last year! (Mum: but he loved it so much he didn't want to come home! He must have remembered it!)
This year Mummy met up with lots of friends from Airedale World

Here are some of them meeting up before the walk. There were Tess & Tegan and Dizzie Lizzie and her Irish terrier sister Poppy (who is doing a playbow cos she found something great on the floor)

The walk took them along the canal - and Finni tried to jump in a few times - and then along the river Aire, this time he was allowed to go in and cool his hot paws.

Can you see how my brother is straining at the lead? He was trying to find his new best friend Diggi.

There is Diggi with his human sister in the stripey wellies. Mummy decided to stay behind Diggi especially going uphill! .......

Pubstop! ... Yes ... the one on the far left is Diggi ....

and again, from the left: Diggi, Tess and Dougle

After the walk they had a huge picnic and there were games as well.

This is the dressing up game

There was a Superdale and a Ramblerdale :D
and Dales were wrapped up in toilet rolls. There was also a raffle and Diggi's mum won a prize!

When they came home Mummy and Finni were very tired but I think they had rather a good time.

Nelly x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Exciting Day!

Hello Every Puppy!

Mummy had difficulties with Blogger again that's why we have been so quiet. But it's all fixed now ... like magic.

Anyway, we had such an exciting day today! When we went for our walkie at the Lakes this morning Mummy could hear a horn being blown and then she saw a few dogs ... she thought it was our friends Molly (the Weimeraner) and her three Pointer sisters Meg, Rosie and Maisie ... but it wasn't, 'cos there were loads of dogs and then there were horse riders too all coming towards us on a path about 3 feet wide. Mummy said "Come Nelly and Finni, let's squash into the willows and make some room so we don't get squashed by the horses" All the doggies (between 30-40!) stopped to look at us and I got scared and tried to run into the willows some more but Mummy said "No Nelly, stay" Finni stood in front of Mummy and looked back at the doggies ... and then they all moved off, and Finni went onto the path and scratched his back legs and huffed through his cheeks for ages!

And this afternoon Mummy and Daddy went out in the little red car and came back in a big black car!

... and we were allowed in it! It's nice and it smells nice!

Mummy said 'No muddy paws in the new car!' but Finni was allowed his chewy in it.

Our crate goes in it too ... it's like a den.

There are blankets everywhere. I love blankets.
Mummy says we can go in it every day! Woohoo!

Nelly x

PeeEss: We have found a great new Airedale Forum called Airedale World. It's really nice there and it's free and you can join even if you're not an Airedale!